BmB’s 2013 Year in Review.. xx

What a year it has been..! I decided to take a look back at what has happened in the world of BmB and it made me feel really good to remember all that was accomplished..


This year has been very exciting on my FB Page.  I have seen the growth in my likes go from 1500 to 2800..! I do not self promote in the way of modelling or publications nor do I do share give-aways to acquire new likes so this is an authentic number coming from people that are appreciating my content..

This year I had an art piece made by Becca Whitaker to be the image for BmB which I adore.  I would go on to make business cards, stickers and postcards with the image to send to fans in appreciation for their support of the page.

I also found myself being published in my first publication ‘thevaultmagazine’ as a ‘Hell’s Belle’ which has been a most amazing experience as I am not in a location where Pin-up modelling is assessable to me.


My on-line work for Rowena/Retroglam posting quotes has continued and afforded me the luxury of keeping current in new beautiful dresses and the like.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to be connected to such a great company and I really appreciate the work I do.. xx 

Cowboy Netti 2XL

This year I entered the REVREV Pin-up Pageant in Edmonton, Alberta and as a component of the contest there was an on-line vote.  With the daily commitment of voting because of my fans and supporters I was successful and won the on-line contest.


Having entered the Pageant really pushed me to talk to people in my community and get them on board to help me out.  My confidence grew and I was starting to be recognized in the local town as BmB.


I started to see myself in a new light and I have had the blessing of making some really great friendships with people through the internet and my profile .  I would never imagine the connections and kind words that have been said about me and I have cried in gratitude for them.

I always maintained a commitment to my fans and I have always known my growth is because of your participation on my Page.  I always enjoy giving back to you and this was the year of give-aways.


With my NEW merch I had a sticker give-away that ended with a Tote bag being wonSigned prints and the Post card exchange were ways to get you to interact with me.  This Christmas I did a Holiday Cheer envelope where I sent seasonal cards, magnets, a signed print and magnet out to fans that entered a daily draw.


Finally a lot happened on my blog.  I hit the 100 blog post milestone and 91 of those posts were written this year.  I appreciated the many topics and businesses I was able to write about and really stepped up to writing in my way.

100th post

A new look for the site with my BmB logo helped showcase what I had to say and I saw substantial increased traffic in my views and followers. It is a beautiful space that includes writings that are posted and shared on my FB Page as well as very personal writings that are about our life on the farm and the relationship we have with our horses.

Shurman and Tommy
For me Personally I saw a lot of growth, I have had so many mind and heart expanding moments because of the experiences that BmB exposed me to as well as great memories here on the farm.

Hudson rolling my hair..xx
This was also a defining year in my marriage/ relationship with my husband as we had our ten year wedding anniversary and as a present to me my husband bought me Betsy a 54 Chevy Two-Ten handy man wagon.


This year I decided to open up more about my life experiences and I am truly proud.

One of the best parts of this year for me was the many photography sessions I had with my daughter in order to get images for the page and blog.  There was always a lot of laughter, honesty and memories.. xx

I look forward to 2014 and what she has to bring..

One thing that I know for sure is 3000 likes is the next Give-away and the prize is well worth entering for..

Thank you for coming along on this adventure with me

BmB xx

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