A Man and his Shirt.. xx

Style, form and function all together in a nice tidy package, says it all or can say nothing at all. The man’s shirt can be worn as a statement or simply style.  So many great choices and styles to choose from these days it is great to seek out what suits you.

In this house a collection of shirts has been building from casual cotton short and long sleeves to more dressier bowling shirt styles that are button up the front each has its distinct personality and worn for fitting occasions.

Man Shirt
Lucky 13 seems to be our preferred brand as they are quality items and well styled.  Decals are usually on both sides of a garment and they really embrace the look that a  car guy would want to wear.

Man in shirt
As I have said before in posts and about my favourite shop to shop at is that it is one stop shopping for me.  It is great to know I can find as good as a selection for him as well as myself when I am at Rowena’s or Retroglam.

Man Shirt

Whether your guy styles himself or you offer him a little help a man and his shirt goes a long way.. xx

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