The Spirit Horse -Tadpole..xx

I wrote this for Tadpole awhile back, I found it again and decided it was time to post it.

Tadpole and Spirit

One year ago we were looking for a companion pony for our Buckwheat. At the time it all seemed like a grand plan, I was initially going to re-home Buckwheat as I felt he was left out in the odd number of 3 horses, summer was on it’s way and a buddy would be suited for him.

The boys
“You came quickly to us, seemed almost too good to be true and when you were unloaded off of the trailer we knew why.

You were not what we had thought you were yet your flashy paint colours softened our apprehension that you were not a miniature rather a pony.

It took sometime for the herd to accept you and even then you had a defiant side.  There was a slight under current that shifted the previous harmony and we noted allot more movement in the field at turn out.

Winter came and you were not happy.  As the months wore on so did the over-all look and positioning of your body that indicated your frustration and confinement.

As we keep the horses in paddocks over the winter because of the snow and lack of adequate turn out, this was not the usual for you.  Turn out became difficult with the additional snow; we could see you were not happy.

With spring on our heels and an offer from father to daughter a new horse would be joining the herd.  We would not be able to bring him home until a suitable arrangement could be made for his housing.

After consideration what was best for your needs I felt we were not the best home for you. With in an hour of making this decision you found a new home which was a sign to me that the universe was helping in this transition.

It was quiet on the farm this morning.  In a really not so obvious way as the herd is quiet.  The energy, peace and harmony returned.  I went outside and groomed each horse mentally sharing why and so it is so.”

In a week we will be bringing home Tommy.  Seems Tadpole prepared us and gave room and heart for us to expand physically and energetically.

May Tadpole enjoy running about free of our confines.. As for Buckwheat, he seems to prefer the company of the big horses.. xx

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