BmB’s road to Pin-up Perfection.. Part one..xx

2014 is NEW year and a time to be inspired to try new things and reach new goals.

Photography is very important to a Pin-up’s repertoire although I have not solidly identified myself a Pin-up ‘model’ per say because I lacked photography resource and so I have embraced being a blogger because writing is my mainstay, my love and meditation.

‘Need is the mother of invention’ seems to be our family motto, as modern amenities are not as available here at the farm as they once were when we were in the city.

On several occasions throughout the years I had made searches to connect and try to build relationships with local photographers and I never really felt a reciprocation and so a photographic journey I would embark on with my daughter.


The farm has taught us to rely on ourselves to find our pioneer spirit and to make things happen.  I needed a photographer to capture me in dresses and products that I review, Hudson was capable and so we set forth.  With the sun as our friend and the ample room from the farm to roam we went on our way.


For the past three years Hudson has been an incredible inspiration in her ability to capture my image and photograph me.  I have had moments I would not have had other wise by being in front of a lens to her.  We have created magical, genuine and honest beautiful moments because of our natural relationship.


An amazing defining moment for us last year was one of our images being published.


The images created by my daughter have been enough for me as BmB yet the reality is that ‘professional’ holds much value in order to be recognised in the Pin-Up community.


A proposal was set forth for me to go outside of my comfort area to seek what I needed and when you stand on the proverbial cliff getting ready to jump there is much that you consider and think of.

Here on the farm it was easy and I have realized I have to shift my thinking and I have to make a commitment and plan and pretty soon I was feeling a bit overwhelmed.


Yet I did it and I have made a commitment and within the next two months I will be taking a very big trip in order to start building a ‘professional’ portfolio that I can start sending out for publications.

We will be driving 19 hours down to the coast of Vancouver, British Columbia for a photo shoot with the well renowned Pin-up Perfection Photography.

What an honour to have the chance to have my image worked on and captured by Shimona Henry and the fabulous Stella Licina.  Both who have worked on the likes of Canadian Pin-Up models such as Kerosene Deluxe, Bianca Bombshell, Elly Mayday and more.


I know when we sit in uncomfortable we grow and learn so much about ourselves and I know I have a road of learning ahead especially in knowing my power as a woman and the grace and beauty of my body.

This up coming shoot has already brought up so much for me as I have been trying to figure out who I am as a woman and how I want to be seen in the world.  As I am a wife and a mother I have a responsibility to my family to be appropriate yet as a woman it is also important that I honour myself.


My next big step is a trip into the big city of Edmonton Alberta where I need to go shopping.  It is time to invest in wearable’s I have never really put much thought into. I have always been into foundation and structure and not so much the cute and pretty so it is time to confront this perception and stand up for myself.

I am looking at myself through different eyes and I look forward to sharing with you what experiences I have and what I learn along the way.

Nothing is ever simple and matter of fact for me as everything is an opportunity and a wealth of learning.


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