Hell Bunny Fairy Tale Coat, 3XL..xx

As our winters are very cold and long here in Northern Canada, looking stylish and warm at the same time is not always an option so I have been in need of a proper dress coat.  The perfect opportunity came with Rowena’s/ Retroglam Boxing Day sale that was focused on a great discounted price on their coat stock.

I knew this was the time for me to invest and so I decided upon the Fairy Tale Jacket by Hell Bunny.  I knew I wanted a longer styled black coat and was eyeing the Hell Bunny Angeline coat and the Fairy Tale coat.  With the price point I decided to get the more intricate detailed Fairy Tale coat and I really was not disappointed when it arrived.

HB Alice in Wonderland

I bought the coat on-line with no chance to try it on first, I had to hold my breath and take the plunge.  I measured myself and re-measured, my bust seemed like it was going to cause the greatest issue with fit and so I chose the 3XL.

HB Cinderella
The Fairy Tale coat is a doubled breasted type coat that you wrap the inner layer to one side and button then the second layer gets buttoned on the outside with these gorgeous embellished buttons that go up to a high collar that is made of faux fur and a beautiful crocheted detail and velvet bow.

HB Collar
The wow of the Fairy Tale coat is the 4 embroidered silhouettes illustrating well loved scenes of popular fairy tales such as Alice in Wonderland, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Cinderella.  The coat has well placed details such as faux fur cuffs, full satin lining and velvet piping along contour lines of the coat.

HB Little Red Riding Hood
As I stood at the post box, opening the parcel the weight of the coat said luxury to me.  To actually see and feel the detail to the embroidered silhouettes captured my heart as did the beautiful buttons and other details.

HB Snow White

I quickly took off the outer wear I had on to slip into the Fairy Tale coat to see if she was going to fit.  At first I was worried and then I was able to do up the buttons.  As I suspected the coat was fitted across my chest yet she fit properly and in the right areas.

This coat inspired me upon getting home to get in a dress sitting at -20c temps.  I loved how my outfit looked complete and that my crinoline was not being squished or hindered to sit properly as this coat has many pleats and a beautiful fixed back strap at the back to show your curves beautifully.

HB Back

This is already a well adored piece to my wardrobe and I look forward to the many opportunities I will have to wear it.. 
BmB.. xx



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