The ‘Making’ of the ‘3000 Like’ Give-away..xx

Well the mark is close on our heels and I had to get going with my next promised Give-away.  I wanted to do something that brought out our creative spirit, to inspire and be prize worthy.

I have always loved the reciprocation between you and myself and especially for give-aways as it is so much fun to see a little more effort in exchange for a gift from BmB. It was especially important to me that who ever won this time’s prize would covet it as much as I do so participation for entry to win will ensure of this.

The ‘3000 Like’ gift is an embroidered badge of the BmB logo with Betsy, Spirit and I.  Fantastic this 8 inch piece can be added to somewhere you would want it and a really one of a kind piece you will not find anywhere else.

As this piece has been created and produced by the awesome Robert Hubbell I have been adding pictures HERE for you to see the time and effort being put into this beautiful prize.  I know I cannot wait for mine as I have a cute idea in use for it.

So how can you be entered to win this fabulous prize..?!

Easy peazie lemon squeazy..

If you have a smart phone or mobile device many apps are available to make photo collages, maybe your good at photo editing, maybe you prefer the medium of actual paper and glue, paint..?! I use Pic Collage on my iPhone.

VOID for contest entry.
VOID for contest entry.

What ever your choice, I want you to create a small art type piece that shows your relationship to me BmB and MUST have BmB or Boss Mare Betty visible on the art work.

VOID for contest entry
VOID for contest entry

Do you like the daily uploads on my Page, do you like my images or do you follow my blog?
What sets the images I post different to others, blogs interesting to read, or?
Maybe you like particular images, maybe you want to express something that has inspired you?
How has following my page or my blog made an impression on you?
All of these are examples of how you can design your entry, get creative..!

VOID for entry
VOID for entry

Once you msg me on the FB Page, post to the wall of the FB Page or email me directly at .(Postal submissions, please email me for my address and I will scan and load your creation to the page once I receive it. Note if you are sending something please notify me in advance) Once I receive your creation I will post it to the ‘3000 Like photo album’ on my FB Page. Once your photo is in the album it is up to YOU to promote your picture to friends and family to vote..!

All entries will receive something from me via mail and the entry with the most votes wins the badge.

As I have not reached my target goal of ‘3000 Likes’ I do not have a draw time as of yet, so here is your heads start for you all that like BmB gifts and plan to participate.

Get creating..!

Please note**

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.
This give-away has no cash value and is in the spirit of fun.
To be entered to win the prize an entry must be submitted and visablein the ‘BmB 3000 Like give-away album’ on FB, the entry must visibly show BmB or Boss Mare Betty on the creation and the winning entry to win the GRAND prize is determined on the entry with the most likes.
Entries that are explicit or not for a PG audience will be disqualified.
The end date for this give-away will be posted once we hit the 3000 like mark.
Posted Examples on this Post are VOID for entry.

Good Luck..!!


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