BmB’s Beginners Guide to Fabulous Retro Beauty Tutorials..xx

So you fancy being a Pin-up or you really admire the look and you want to achieve the iconic image of the Pin-up girl.  Learning how to do your hair and make-up to match the time period you want to emulate is very easy to learn and be inspired.  I would say the time is now more then ever you can find a multitude of videos and tutorials on the internet.  Created by well known Pin-ups or the girls next door, they have figured it out and filmed it step by step to help others in regards to doing fabulous retro styled hair and make-up.

BmB Hair

As proper hair and make-up consume the greater part of learning and practice in a Pin-up girls repertoire it is important to be comfortable and understanding the basic elements in order to further your know how to create beautiful time-less looks.

Where do you start..? Search engines make it easy to queue your query and a page full of responses is at your viewing pleasure to navigate.  It is up to you to decide which one you will view to achieve your the desired look.

Tutorials are like a fine honed art and these ladies have spent countless hours which are obvious with the seamless videos they create because you see they are easy to follow.

BmB Hair
As I have a background in hair design I look for a few things when I personally watch a video tutorial, as my time is money I want the instruction to be clear, I love tips and tricks I did not already know and I appreciate minimal steps.

Things to look for when searching tutorials is by appreciating the end result, does the person demonstrating the look, look good?  Do they know what they are talking about? Is there instruction easy to follow and understand?

Most to all retro hair styles are based from a base curl or wave already set in the hair.  If you have a natural curl, bravo this will be much easier for you.  If not you will need to learn how to apply this shape/structure to your own hair by way of a roller, a pin-curl or an iron.  Clean parts/sections and a good foundation ‘set’ will be advantageous to you when learning to style your hair.

For further information on ‘setting’ hair go HERE.

Once you are practiced and your hands have the memory to hold and roll a curl you will be able to try new setting directions giving you an amazing foundation and greater range of hair designs.

Do not get discouraged, retro styled hair takes a lot of practice yet once your hands get the feel you will find yourself getting quicker and quicker.  I myself have straight hair that does not take being curled or shaped well so I can appreciate frustration.

vintage-hairdresserAlso before you start your adventure make sure you have the tools you will need so when you are ready you are prepared.  Rat Tail or Tail combs are an asset to pulling a clean part and backcombing. A good paddle brush to help brush out and smooth your curls.  An assortment of bobby pins in your hair colour as well as pin curl clips and roller clips in different sizes and shapes are always handy.  Your desired medium for curling your hair (I swear by foam rollers) magnetic rollers or a hot iron as well as a scarf to hold all in place when you sleep and last yet not least product.  An assortment of hair sprays and pomade are all assets to you in creating your look.  Last but not least a hair flower or bow is always the sugar on top.

Now with your hair set or ready to style (Most prefer not recently washed hair) get your tools out and be prepared to have fun.  I would also highly recommend that you do not have the expectation to watch a tutorial and make the style happen the same day. Practice makes perfect so don’t try your first time on a Date night.

BmB HairRat

As you go along you will learn tips and tricks and you will also learn what will and will not work for your own hair.  I have found I will take the information I see on a tutorial and adapt it to my own hair I also will have to try something a couple of times so I know I have got a feel for it.

So here is my list of the ‘ones you want to watch’ Pin-Up fabulousness that have You-Tube Channels.  These ladies offer valuable resources for making you look fabulous in retro styled looks. Note most to all of us have multiple social media platforms so if you like what you see go search them out and follow what they are doing.  This can be a good source of education in building your Pin-up repertoire.

Now that you have your style/look it is time to invest in clothing yet I will save that post for another day. Yet a little sneak peak head start is the very popular Pin-Up Girl clothing line also known as PUG has a site for it’s fans.  Many girls congregate to share and interact with others that adore dressing Pin-up.

There you will find forums and discussions on topics ranging on hair to shape wear. This is a very fun way to meet others, easily done by designing a profile on yourself and posting what you have tried, what you like and what has worked for you.

You can find me there as well. I would love to connect with you..xx

Remember practice makes perfect, you never know one day you might make your own tutorial.



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