BmB receives mail..xx

In the Fall I did a Post-card exchange which was great fun sending and receiving post from around the world.  Then in December I decided to make Cheer Envelopes to send out as a way to brighten spirits over the holiday season. BmB Post Card

I really adore sending stuff out by post whether it is a sticker or a note; post is one of those tangible arts that touches your heart in a way to bring excitement and wonder.  It reminds me of a time of childhood, pen pals and family updates.

There is a special feeling that comes with an envelope addressed to you that is addressed by hand and pen.   In the many times I have had sent outs of give-aways I have been open with my PO Box information yet I never considered I would receive mail.


To go to my post box and have envelopes address to BmB has not only floored me yet thrilled me to bits. It touches my heart in a way that makes it expand and dust off some cobwebs, so much gratitude for these gestures it reminds me I am very much alive and connected.


Here at the BmB headquarters I proudly display the mementoes I have received from signed prints of Pin-ups, post-cards and my most prized personal cards and gifts.


May we all pay it forward and do random acts of kindness; we never really know how deeply we can touch someone’s spirit and what an amazing way to connect. Thank you so very much for your beautiful words, most thoughtful gifts and appreciation.


You inspire me   BmB..xx

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