Stanley the Rescue Pug.. xx


It is no secret to anyone that I absolutely adore pugs, like OMG fall off the side of the world from their super cute and super squishy personalities that are notable even through pictures.

Is it the setting of their eyes, how their faces wrinkle and the multitude of personality’s one pug can exhibit..!  Their little selves are really such big beings of energy with mighty stances and their ability to bring a smile to anyone.Handsome

Through my adoration and collecting of pug type imagery that I post on my profile, these little gems have given me a lightened perspective and the opportunity to giggle and swoon even when I was going through some of the hardest days of my life.

The snow was slowly on its way out and summer upon our heels.  With my daughters current medical situation we were unsure of what our life would offer up next so timing did not appear to be in our favour.  I surrendered to the idea and really knew in my heart what was meant to be would be.

When it was our time the perfect pug would present itself to us.

We had been home from the hospital for a few weeks and we knew there was no return date as of now.  We were getting back to us and concentrating on healing our hearts and recouping the time we have missed being apart.

I started to get back onto FB and that is where this story begins..

Scrolling through my newsfeed I see a picture of a teenager petting a pug posted on our local SPCA page.  What..?! I diverted from the image, went to the page directly and re-clicked the image and no I was not seeing things and so in a very candid comment I asked “Is this pug at the SPCA..?!”

I tried calling the SPCA directly yet they were closed and once going back to the picture there was a notification that yes there was a pug yet he may no longer be available.

I sat there thinking to myself, why was it there and I simply could not wrap my mind around why such a favourable breed of dog was in the SPCA..?

I messaged my husband who is at work and tell him about my findings and he says he will go see for himself. I then get through to the SPCA directly and they echo the comment that they do indeed have a pug yet he is on hold for another adopter.

My husband still goes to see…

I start receiving pictures, I am beside myself and I am trying to keep my gut from exploding because the dreaded words he is on hold have a firm grip on my heart yet as soon as I saw this picture I knew he was ours.

My husband took him out of his pen to get one on one interaction and then filled out the application form to put us in the que for his adoption. We found out the little fella’s name was Stanley and he is approximately a year old.  He came to the shelter as a stray..! My mind was blown..!

We were told to call the shelter the next day to see if anything had changed with the status of his adoption and so we wait.

I have had plenty of these moments in life when you are waiting on life changing information or a decision to be made.  You feel like you are keeping the balance of a teeter totter, will a decision be set in favour of your direction or not.  You’re in a dream, of what could be, what will it be like..? As we have taken on a rescue dog before I knew I was not raising a puppy and he could have already set in issues, who knew..? Yet all avenues I had taken up to this point to get a pug had not panned out and Stanley was a very real and tangible possibility and for us and I was willing to do what ever to make this happen.  I again made peace with what will be, will be and I focused my attention on why has the adopter not gone and picked him up already.

I, would have been there in a heart beat.

The next day is upon us and I make the determining call, the word is that the adopter before us has declined to take Stanley and he was now ours…!

I barely had time to let this settle in my mind as the SPCA was closing in 45 mins and this is how long it takes me to drive in, cloths were flying and I was yelling I am sure, get in the truck..! Get in the truck..!!

It was a blur, a bubble and a dream of disbelief.  I am pretty sure I sped in the most contained way I possibly could to get to town and the SPCA before it closed.

Stanley’s paperwork was signed off and then he was brought out to us. As we all stood in the lobby full of anticipation for our introduction we see him finally emerge through the doors.

This was a very magical moment, ones that great fairy tales are told of yet for me it was an affirmation of all that I really truly believe in.  His spirit already knew us as he came to be with us in a way that he has already and always been with us.  The transition was seamless and I cannot remember now what life was like before Stanley came home.

His introduction to our other rescue dog Murray went surprisingly well; with in days we started to keep Stanley’s harness on less and less.  Within the next 2 days we had company arrive for a week.  The house was full with another family of 5 and the youngest being a baby.

Stanley and Murray

Stanley is a treasure that has over filled all of our hearts; I could never imagine his presence was needed as much as he has. He has lightened us all and returned our laughter that was misplaced months ago at the beginning of my daughter’s medical situation.

The way that Stanley came to us could not have been more perfect either, as we support the SPCA and rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing. I wish to help the cause through exposure and fundraising and for that I have created a FB Page for Stanley so you can follow his adventures.

While the many times in the hospital with my daughter we would often have service or therapy dogs come into the rooms for visits.  This was an integral part of us keeping our sanity as we really missed our farm so much.  I swore once I had a pug I would return the favour and do the same.  I look forward to the work we will do as a team.


 Stanley and BmB.. xx






2 thoughts on “Stanley the Rescue Pug.. xx

  1. Stanley is just perfect and he obviously belongs in your human + animal family. I’m thrilled this all worked out!

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