BmB goes Purrr-fectly Purple..xx

Summer is here, outdoor functions and public appearances are on my heels, it was time to take those last out of control 6 months, chalk them up to experience and regain control of my hair. Oh my hair…!

In between..xx

My hair has never been ‘just’ my hair; my hair is an extension of my art being.  My hair and I are great friends.  We roll together; I support her with combing and spray.  I have built many foundations with her, we are the ultimate team, and we are nothing with out the support of each other.

Standing in the mirror looking at myself I recognise, that it is time to come back and so the question I asked myself was to remain my tried and tested black or could my grown out locks be transformed into a new colour for me?

There was a fair bit of risk in jumping into the unknown and I was nervous, where was I going to find a miracle worker, would this even be possible and could it be done in time?

The reality of my situation was that I had the ever dreaded store bought black in my hair.  Yes, I was one of those people, although it served its purpose for the time.  I was now in a transition, with a couple inches of my natural re-growth, then a couple more inches of built up purple semi-colour and black on my ends I knew I was asking for a lot.

Raven Black

With no reference, word of mouth or guidance as I am not familiar with small town Fort Saint John I literally Googled the only place I could remember in town and I was now set the following day for a colour correction consultation with Mel of Chelsea’s Hair Design.

It was the fact that I was booked for a consultation that gave me my first confidence in the Salon’s professional way, and then the chance to talk with my stylist Mel in a casual way about what I was seeking.  I wrote as much out as I could think would be helpful information for my hair history yet I found Mel to be very knowledgeable and she really heard what I was trying to express.

We both agreed we would not know what we would get until she got into my hair yet the plan was to get my over all look even and as light as possible and then to deposit a semi purple on top to give a brighter purple colour to my hair.

It is really happening, I shall be purple..!!

Following day I am ready for anything, this was going to be a process of trying to lift any of the old remaining colour, little by little, to see where we would go.No expectations just lighter and even.

First my ends received lightener and I sat……

Then my mid-shaft received lightener and I sat….

Mid strand
Last my scalp received the lightener and all was connected and being matched to each other. Then I sat some more…

Finally I was rinsed and we were a bit shocked and excited that the colour lifted as much as it has, the idea is the lighter we can get my hair, the brighter the purple would appear.

After a conditioning treatment as my hair was in need of some TLC, Mel gave me a much needed trim and she applied the semi permanent product J Beverly Hills in Amethyst Colour to my hair.

At the time of rinsing we were all taken back how well my hair handled the process and took to the colour, this was nothing short of a miracle in my opinion as my hair was brighter than I could have imagined for myself.

A colour correction is not an exact science and results are never the same as one person’s hair history varies so much from the next as well as your hair texture, density and porosity. I was in the processing chair for 4 hours..!

I was absolutely thrilled and grateful as I did not have an expectation and my new locks blew my mind.

Mel was fabulous and really as I have written in other blogs I am a hard person to impress.  I hold myself to high personal standards and Mel’s knowledge, her patience and her desire to be thorough in her service makes her an asset and a professional you will want to seek.

My results are a testament to the pride in her work.  Needless to say I will be back Mel, and Thank you for making me Purple Perfect for my recent appearance at the Dawson Creek, Summer Cruise.

Summer cruise
BmB.. xx

Chelsea’s Hair Studio & Spa
9117-96A Street
Fort St. John, British Columbia
Ph: (250) 785-2255
Fax (250) 785-2227



                                                                       I just wanna be myself

And I want you to love me for who I am

I just wanna be myself

And I want you to know, I am my hair

‘Hair’ – Lady Gaga

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