ROWENA’S Pin-Up’s & Pals Contest 2014..xx

Rowena Pinup & Pals contest
Hello June Photography Models; Natasha & Cherry

As a HUGE fan of Rowena’s located in Edmonton, Alberta I am equally a HUGE fan of associations and societies that’s sole purpose is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home animals.

I see it now Stanley we could be famous

For the last Pin-Up’s & Pals Contest 2013 it was important for me to write about the important work of the Edmonton Humane Society, as the work they do is an asset to our society.

No matter where you live in the world there are groups that come together to see that abandoned, abused and stray animals are cared for through feeding programs as well as spay and neuter programs.  All of this is in the hopes of rehabilitating the animal and getting them into a stable environment in which the remainder of their lives they will be loved and cared for.


It is important to know that these groups are very dependent on charitable contributions to stay open and often they are running on the bottom line.  These are people that love and adore these animals and have the heart to be on the front-lines to tend to and do the work others cannot.


Many of these groups require donations other than just money, if you have time please consider volunteering.   Other things an animal rescue would be in need of would be food, litter, towels, paper towel, cleaning supplies.  When locating a local shelter on the web I have found most have a page designated to the items they are most in need of.

Another way to help is to always consider adoption when deciding to bring a new animal member into your life and home.  There are many viable and desirable cats and dogs that end up in this predicament through no fault of their own.


My first blog for the Pin-up’s & Pals Contest 2013 I shared about our rescue dog Murray and then a year later we brought home Mio our rescued cat.

Last month we added a new addition to the farm, Stanley the Rescue Pug.

Stanley the Rescue pug

A life is a life and a spirit whole and plenty regardless of the source.  To make a connection and love another being can happen anywhere.


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