5th Annual FSJ Zombie Walk..

The living became dead and the dead were alive, as they swayed in their movements too and fro.  Together they became one, not to feast upon flesh and brains, rather the hoard came back to a human like state.  For this presence came in hand with offerings of tinned food to provide for the community.



This past weekend, September 13th, 2014 it was the 5th Annual Fort St. John Zombie Walk that takes part to raise food for the Food Bank as well as providing a fun light hearted opportunity to get costumed like the walking dead.

Food Donations from this year’s event were last tallied at weighing an amazing 722lbs..! Way to go dead people.


I had the most awesome opportunity to participate in this years event by handing out candy and helping to judge for costume categories.  The zombie hoard was made up of the young and old, families, groups and individuals. Everyone took obvious time and creativity to make very realistic costumes.

Do you want some candy..?!

The most creative of the costumes in the categories Best Adult Male, Best Adult Female, Best Male Youth and Best Female Youth were awarded with token of appreciation..! It was a hard choice with lots of great costumes.
Best Adult Male

Best Adult Male Costume

Best Adult Female Costume
Best Adult Female Costume
Best Youth Male Costume
Best Male Youth Costume
Best Female Youth Costume
Best Female Youth Costume

While collecting non-perishables and generally waiting for fresh meat to possibly arrive this year there was the addition of a video booth.  This provided an interactive experience where you recorded messages as your dead self.

Video Booth

After the judging took place the mob took to the street in a swaying orderly fashion heading to the end destination of the Mall.  Due to unforeseen circumstances this year there would not be Zombie themed movies yet upon arriving to the mall a flash mob dance did take took place.

Zombie walk 2014

Even with the lack of fresh brains it was a great afternoon for a good cause and the weather even held out.
Next year I want to hear you moan..!


Remember by showing your support and attending events in the community you are directly helping to keep an event alive..! With your presence there is better chance the event can continue in the future and grow to become bigger and better than imagined.

The help

Zombie Walk 2014

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