Smile..! You know you want too.. xx


The day of technology seems to really be undeniably here.  I feel I could be dating myself when I admit I would have never foreseen that the cartoons I watched as child would in fact come true.  With our mobile devices that are supposed to ease our ability to connect and communicate, that in fact really have inspired us to become our own microcosm becoming isolated and solitary.

I think there is starting to be a big cross section of people that are striving to find something, our place and where we belong as the screens have clouded our vision. We have forgotten the simple pleasures and courtesies we once did daily with out a second thought. The gestures I once watched as a child that were common place are no longer and I crave for them.

I remember being a child in a restaurant and seeing on the menu board, ‘Smiles are always free’ and I never understood how much of an impact that sentence would have on me. Everyone can afford to give a smile, they are always available, you have them on your person, they are easy and simple to create and garner the best results when offering them out as you go about your day.

Smiles are always free..!

It is really amazing how simple and how wonderful this moment of engagement with another person is.  Another great one that can be used in correlation with a smile is the use of the word Thank you.  So simple yet holds much impact, to show appreciation with a visual engagement oh my gosh, you have the recipe for the power to actually change the way someone’s day is going.

I made these smiles

Thank you can be used in many different ways, to be offered or reciprocated.  Whether a person understands you or not I find when combined with a smile can transcend space and time, because of the way your face changes and then softens when delivering such an offering.  Seriously no translation is necessary.

I smiled because of you

I myself go above and beyond repeating these two words with a smile as I go about my day.  Most frequently used times are at doorways, during and after making purchases while shopping, while walking about, running errands and generally anytime you engage another human being.  After all we are all humans.
smile it looks good on you
There is great power in the amazing magic of a smile.

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