BmB adores Youngique’s 3D Lashes.. xx

One of my first blog posts was ‘To lash or not to lash…?!’.  Even at the beginning of my writing career I knew a topic of interest for woman was the age old question how to attain the full lash look..? I was just starting to use false lashes and I loved the look yet was apprehensive of the commitment to get them on my face as I often glued my eyes shut.

Look at them eyes..

For myself my eyes are my most important feature on my face, I have learned through trial and error how to apply my make- up and create illusions depending on what I want to highlight on my face.

I have always only applied mascara to my top line of lashes because of the shape of my eye and I really like a strong lash line.  The strong upper lash line also serves a purpose when wearing liquid liner and achieving a Pin-up look.

There are many tricks to use when applying mascara to achieve a full healthy looking lash line such as heating a metal eye lash curler with a blow drier or under pinning, when you use black eye-liner under the lash line.  I have used 2 mascaras to achieve the look I have wanted.  One mascara to lengthen and separate my lashes while the other is usually a waterproof product to thicken and seal my lashes as our winters get so cold your lashes will drip off when going from inside to out. Yet none of these tricks would achieve extra length.


I have not done a product review in sometime because the way that life has been blowing me yet after receiving the product I am going to share with you about today, I knew I needed to share with you what I have finally been able to try for myself and must rave about.

First and for most this is a product and depending on what you have to start with in way of your own lashes will affect your results.  Yet know there are many tips and tricks that can amplify your lashes so to add those to this product you can not go wrong.

See all the tips and tricks I have learned in order to manipulate my lashes will forever not be the same.  On our recent trip to the coast I was given a gift of Younique’s 3-D Liquid Lash product for my Birthday.  I am quite sure I let out an audible squeal when I opened the wrapping as I had no idea this was in store for me and I had wanted to try the product for myself.

3D Fibre lash
Here it was, right here in the palms of my hands and I was beside myself with excitement.  I remember saying to the girls that it is hard to get the newest and latest things in my area and I was not sure I would ever get this chance..!

With out hesitation into the wash-room we went, Erin who had given me the 3-D lash assured me it was super easy to use and that she would come and help out.

3D Fibre Lash
I was already wearing my mascara put on in the morning and so Erin showed me how she holds both tubes in her hand, how she starts with the gel wand, applying to either side of the lash, and then using the fibre wand from mid-strand of lash out on both sides then sealing with the gel again.


For my first eye I went to the base of my lash and saw no result, once I switched eyes and felt more comfortable holding the tubes I had an ah-ha moment in regards to applying the product mid-strand and literally before my eyes my lashes increased in length and fullness.  It was seriously like magic..!

It seemed to be too good to be true, I was wearing my contacts and I was at a party and for the first little bit it felt like I was wearing false lashes because I could see them in my peripheral vision.  In no time the sensation disappeared.

Get a hold of the situation

My other funny moment was taking my contacts out and having my glasses on, as my lashes were now brushing against my lenses which made me laugh as they really are that much more longer.

As I only apply this product to my top lash line other results may vary yet I have found these lashes to be reasonably water resistant.  I have tested them by watching heart wrenching, tear jerking videos that have made me more than weep and these beauties have stayed on.

Although I would not recommend leaving your make up on for three days these lashes stayed put.  Even though my liquid liner had almost rubbed off and disappeared there was still noticeable extension remaining on my lashes.

Is this is a product I would invest in, yes absolutely.

2, 4, 6, 8
If you have little to no lash this product through its small green tea fibres act like small hairs that will help give the illusion your lash line is longer and thicker. Gentle to your eyes and so light weight you will barely notice they are there.

If your eye lid shape is folded or hooded as I have you can take the steps before applying the product to make the lashes more visible, such as curling and underpinning.

Yes it works..!
I suggest using your own mascara to start with to help give depth at the base of your lash closest to your eye and having any type of black liner, whether it is liquid or pencil will add to the depth of the lash base.

If you get the chance to get your hands on this product I absolutely urge you to do so.. xx



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