Boss Mare Betty needs Sponsors.. xx

Good Day Kittens and Kats.. xx

I Boss Mare Betty am in need of financial Sponsorship to pledge that I can complete a 5 km walk, here you can make a difference for a great cause and on your behalf I will take action towards the fundraising efforts we have in place for my daughter and her campaign Hope for Hudson.

Need Supporters

Living in Northern British Columbia Canada our weather is very cold so this walk is an indoor event in our closest community of Fort St. John, we will be walking on the Northern Vac Track located in the Pomeroy Sports Centre on March 15th, 2015 at 10:00am.

My 16 year old daughter’s health has been steadily declining for the past 6 years and this past year she spent a great amount of time in the Canadian health care system.  Although Hudson was in and out of three hospitals, we would learn many things about her body yet not how to fix her problems and support her to have a better quality of life.


We know Hudson was born with a rare connective tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Type 3 Hypermobility yet we also learned of Hudson having a Chiari Malformation 1 and we are concerned with the relationship these two can have when presented together as well as other hidden problems.  Unfortunately we have learned that the help she needs cannot be sought out in Canada and there fore we need to travel to the USA to a Specialist to have new medical imaging and testing to determine the severity of her situation.

After the realisation that we could not get Hudson to the USA alone, we created a FB Page and different fundraising options were implemented to stimulate awareness and funding.

Yet this walk,  was inspired by a combination of a stranger and a friends generosity.

First I was contacted through my daughter FB Page, Hope for Hudson that a 5 km Fun Run was being organized to support our cause.  Hudson’s RUN is taking place in Richmond, British Columbia.  March 15th, 2015. Shortly after the announcement of this run I was deeply moved by a gesture of a friend who lives very far away offered the same situation of sorts. Although she could not be at Hudson’s RUN in Richmond she will still run in her area on Hudson’s behalf asking $5.00 for every km that she runs.

Hudson's RUN

So naturally I too wanted to participate and so for our area I created ‘Walk for Hudson’.

As a parent there is no other option when it comes to your children and specially their health.  I would easily walk endlessly if I knew it would grant my daughter some relief or would magically make her better.  For now I will do these 5 km looking on point and with you all behind me.


You can be our ‘Heroes of Hopeby donating directly on-line to Hudson’s ‘you-caring site’ here; by either pledging to Boss Mare Betty $5.00 per km I walk or $25.00 for the entire 5 km walk.  I Boss Mare Betty have created a super cute incentive for Sponsors that choose to pledge the $25.00.  These Sponsors will receive a card and highly collectable and much sought out BmB Sticker as token of my appreciation for your contribution.


*$25.00 Sponsors please note*, when you make your on-line contribution please include a note on the youcaring site ‘Hudson’s Walk Pledge’ including your name.  Then please email me at so I can exchange your postal address and send you your gift.

(I am not connected directly to the on-line site so I am unable to process your information other wise I have no way of tracking you.)

No Sponsorship is too great or to small as every bit counts and gets us closer to our end goal.


Thank you for your consideration to this post.. xx

Best of the day to you my friends,

Boss Mare Betty

Living life in the cute lane..xx

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