Stepping into yourself.. xx

I think everyone has their own motivation, whether you can muster the strength or desire for yourself or if it takes someone to inspire you out of your comfort zone.

I have been standing in that place now for sometime, I know how I got here and I know there is no turning back it is just not an option.


I feel that we can never really know what may lie on the other side.  Feeling raw and stripped metaphorically naked, you are vulnerable and maybe desperate.  You have to make sense of it and keep moving.

Maybe at first you don’t see the shift yet soon you see things differently.

I know this, I know being alone and I know not knowing how to do something.  I was comfortable alone, I found strength and comfort doing it on my own, I may not have realised it yet I pushed in many ways to be alone. I was cold, hard and secure.

Then my world flipped upside down.

What I cherished most needed me in a way I thought I was yet did not understand to be.


I saw the cliff in front of me and I ran to it and leapt…….

Out into the unknown, all I had to trust was my heart.

Then a beautiful thing happened, there was a warm soft embrace from many outreached hands.  I would waken to see I was not alone and I would feel deeply how we are all deeply connected.

Maybe hard things happen to offer you a chance to see it all differently. To be whom you really wanted to be and to give you the strength that you never knew you already had.

I guess you will never really know unless you try yet the right motivation has to be served at precisely the right time to the depth that you need to unfold your own story.

Boss Mare Betty

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