Marilyn Manson – Mile 0 Meltdown April 1st, 2015

You always remember your first and this will be a concert to remember.


One thing that is for sure is that music plays a big part in our lives and especially for my daughter Hudson.  Being able to have access to a wide genre of music has been an education and inspiration for her during a time when a lot of what she has known has been stripped from her.

Hudson’s musical interests and vocabulary are deep and rich which is the foundation of the strength she finds when coping with the chronic pain she lives in.  It is a special place she can go to, to escape and be moved on a deeper level.

Hudson lives with a rare genetic disorder that was only recently diagnosed, after many years of a steady decline in her health we are starting to uncover the complex mysteries that lay under the surface yet the answers cannot be found here in Canada.  We need to seek a proper diagnosis in the USA to understand a treatment course for her and so we have been fundraising to be able to get her there by way of Hope4Hudson.

Since I have not been in a financial position to afford luxuries like a concert and what going to a concert would require in keeping Hudson comfortable, I reached out to the community.  I knew of all the musicians that were to make their way up north the Marilyn Manson concert was the one she would hands down want to be at.

To my surprise and appreciation the Encana Events Centre in Dawson Creek where the Mile 0 Meltdown was being held, as well as the Super Motel 8 extended their hospitality to Hudson and me to ensure a night that we will always remember.

Super 8

The day was finally upon us and even though it was April 1st, it was no joke this was really happening.  With our overnight bags packed we headed south to Dawson Creek.  Our first stop was the Super 8 where we were warmly welcomed by Pat who gave us a couple of amazing tips for the concert.  Our room was easy to access and there were 2 big queen size beds where we stretched out and got even more excited that the event was only an hour away.

The room

Shortly after sorting ourselves and resetting we headed to the Encana Events Centre to await the show.  We were so happy to meet the Global Spectrum facility Management Staff in person that made this opportunity possible for us.


I then made sure to take Hudson to the Merchandise tables to get a souvenir even though I knew the mental one that was being burned into her memory was already for her enough, yet that is why I wanted this for her is because she is the gracious type of being that would never have asked for this for herself.


We made our way to our seats and anticipation was taking hold of Hudson, everything I wanted for her was happening, I was so grateful for the lights to go down as I choked back tears to see her face so bright and happy once again.  It has been an incredibly hard year and she really needed this and her body language told me how much she appreciated it.

The first performers of the night were Die Mannequin, a very energetic; hair tossing, inspiring performance that soon gave Hudson the taste of a live performance.  Between the base and the beat of the drums you could feel the vibration in your chest, it was seriously moving. An on point performance and I would recommend checking them out.

After a quick break, navigating the centre and looking for amenities back to our seats where we would see the second performers of the night Deap Vally.  A two woman ensemble that rocked us down to the core of our souls, these ladies were well versed and did not miss a beat. Empowering was the first word from Hudson to describe their performance, then her admiration for the electric guitar playing noting the technicality of palm mutes and slides, Hudson just soaked it all up.

I saw how much Hudson was enjoying her self and the best had yet to come.  It was when the house lights dropped for a third time, the stage smoke was in abundance and red lights were intermittently making their presence, this was the moment. The drums made their introduction and we were about to go deep.


It was a GREAT show; we had the latest album Pale Emperor so it was good to have the connection to the songs as well as hearing a couple of MM’s more recognizable songs from the past collections. It was a performance that was visually stimulating as it was for our other senses.  I think live performances are a test of the quality of workmanship and artistry and they can really speak the truth, we were listening and were absolutely satisfied.

Yet once the concert was done and the house lights came back on that was not it for us.

The Encana Events staff presented Hudson with a signed poster from Marilyn Manson which was amazing and blew us away as we know he is very private and allusive.

As all true fans know it is the experience of holding back by the tour buses that makes it official. This was the only way our night was going to end and really it was actually this moment that probably surpassed the entire concert thanks to the incredible interaction Hudson had with Marilyn Manson’s assistant.


It was a stroke of fate, a bit of an insider tip and my good sense of direction we positioned ourselves quietly beside a gentleman who had a similar gleam in his eyes and started the interaction that made this awe inspiring situation happen.


Hudson had brought her copy of Marilyn’s Autobiography and was able to slip it to the Assistant who told us alone a personal account he had that was inspired by reading this book and his now job, he walked away in the dark and would return with the book in hand with not one but 2 signatures.


A very intimate quiet exchange to share, in a connected truthful way that there would be no photos and to see the respect and admiration Hudson has for MM as a human and not a commodity we walked away with big grins because Hudson knew she had received more than most and she knew any more would go against his message which she understood from reading his book.

It was an accumulation of everything that made this night an unforgettable HUGE success and we Thank EVERYONE that had a part in making this experience happen as it is a defining moment.


More images from this evening can be seen here;

One thought on “Marilyn Manson – Mile 0 Meltdown April 1st, 2015

  1. Thank you so much for sharing her experience! I know that I loved meeting both of you and will be following Hudson’s journey! All kinds of best wishes to you and warm thoughts!

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