Thank you to my Heroes, of Hope.. xx

What a year it has been for my family and we have you to thank for the very quick and strong reaction to the call of need we put out to the community.

quality help

Our predicament is not one you would ever plan for or expect.  It took many years for the severity of our situation to come to light as we did not know, despite our many attempts to seek medical intervention it was only 5 years later and a very obvious sick child for someone to look further.

Going into the hospital system was a sense of relief yet I was naive then to believe we would come away with all the answers to the questions that were being uncovered.  When the reality began to become clear this was the beginning, I realised this was so much bigger than us.

Knowing the road that is ahead of us was so scary until you all stepped into our lives and said through your actions you are there for us.  I can tell you with out a shadow of doubt that if your child is ill you will do what ever it will take to seek answers.

I have done and experienced things this year I would never dreamt possible and really it came from a place I was not even conscious of, as a Mother you just do, my love for Hudson is so great I basically overcame every obstacle we were faced with because it had to happen.

A mothers love

In a short 3 months we raised more than our $10,000.00 to get Hudson to the States for her to seek a diagnostic appointment with a Specialist.  We have met many great people who absolutely opened their hearts to us.  We have new friends and a new perspective on life.  Our spirits are so full and we feel you that we feel strong and confident moving further to the next step of this Medical investigation.

Thank you

We know we will be able to handle what ever news is presented to us.

Please know, I do not take lightly what has been accomplished for Hudson. You have genuinely moved me to the depths of my core, you are giving my daughter a chance and this is hope.

You are our Heroes of Hope..!

Hope 4 Hudson

Thank you so very, very much..

Tracy/ Boss Mare Betty

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