New Years Eve Masquerade Ball 2015

Since my time in Nanaimo I have been welcome into a community of deeply caring and rich in soul people that strive to create and lift those around them.

Jona Kristinsson is one of these beautiful souls that is deeply connected to music and what it means to have assessable music in your life. Being a musician herself and working with at risk teens in the community, Jona recognized the need for a bigger and better venue that could house programming to facilitate more programs and a larger group of teens.  
Wanting to be able to offer music, drama and art programming the perfect fit was naturally the Harbour City Theatre.


Jona’s mission for J.A.M.Z (Jona’s Art and Music Zone) is to fill a void and offer a educational and fun zone geared towards local youth aged 13-25 years, to be able to explore and create in a non-judgemental environment.


J.A.M.Z will be facilitated by Jona and her team at Indie Entertainment as well as the West Coast Vocal Academy.

In order to get the program’s up and running in the new year Jona and her team need funding to see that their programs are full and running.

This New Years come to the Harbour City Theatre to celebrate and support J.A.M.Z at the New Years Eve Masquerade Ball featuring The Femme Fatales, Moonshine Molly’s and Gabrielle MacQueen.

Thursday December 31, 9pm-2am

Harbour City Theatre

25 Victoria Road

Nanaimo, B.C.

Tickets are $70.00 and can be purchased at Port Theatre

Ticket sales close December 30th at 1pm

The Masquerade Ball will be the place to be with a red carpet entrance, great live entertainment, silent auction, cash bar, finger foods and Champagne will be served at Midnight to toast the New Year.

This is a great opportunity and venue to support the youth of the community and making music and the arts available to young minds that can benefit greatly to the learning and creative paths of the artistic nature

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