Thank you for your patience.. xx

‘Change is good Donkey’, is all I can hear in my mind as I reflect on my past year. I have had earth shattering changes in my life, stripped to my core, shaken, raw and naked.

BmB 1

Yet I am still standing and I am rooted stronger in myself than I have been in years. I certainly did not have this resolve a year ago, I was pretty sure at that time I was not going to survive. I had to step back from everything in order to cope. Yet as I am learning everyday is a new day and everyday I get stronger and more connected to truth and clarity which far surpasses any preconceived notions I could have possibly conjured.

Life happens, love happens and then there is change.

BmB 2

Pain has always been a friend of mine in the shadows, the past few years behind the limelight have been filled with uncertainty on levels a lot of people will never comprehend. This year has been about stepping deep into the pool of pain as it washes over me.  I have allowed myself to feel it all, to allow the tears, confusion, disappointment, frustration, anger, pity, shame, fear, and the unknowing to wash through and then away from me.

BmB 6

The reward to embracing what I tried for so long to push away was the ability to harness and then embrace my personal power, through small victories, rehabilitation of sorts as I had to relearn a new way and rely solely on myself and my gut that I could do this and not only for myself yet with my three children watching me.

BmB 4

I am accountable for every breath and word that has crossed my lips, I live my truth, find my words even when they shake, I grow and evolve. I have a cheeky smile when I reflect upon the woman I have become, I understand that in order to swim in the depths of love and passion I seek in this world I need to be as transparent, vulnerable and raw as I can.Bmb 8

I refuse to live any way other than in my truth and in learning this has been a gift far greater than I could have ever understood until I learned it. I have stepped up into myself and refuse to settle. I am the ‘Boss Mare’ in my quiet strength I am the leader of my herd and you can trust my judgement.

BmB 3

BmB 7

BmB 5

Much love, respect and gratitude

BmB xx






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