The Sun is here..

The sun has been out for the past couple of weeks here on the Island…! ( *Cherry Blossom trees in the Inner Harbour of Nanaimo)

We had a longer and wetter winter then usual so we have all been excited to get outside and play.  Islanders are active people that enjoy their outdoor surroundings. There is always ample opportunity to get outside. (*The Pier in Campbell River is a great place for a picnic lunch or to cast a line)

Calendars for Show’n Shines have been posted, weekend brunches being planned and Summer is making itself known. (*Seasonally and locally selected ingredients create ‘Gabriel’s’ well known Eggs Benny Specials, located on Commercial Street in Nanaimo)

I am excited to show you about the Island with my adventures and hopefully inspire you to make your own or come take a trip to see us. (*Pipers Lagoon in Nanaimo)

It’s a must to have Fish and Chips by the Ocean (*The Cod Squad, Take out Nanaimo)

So let’s see what adventures we can get ourselves into, living life in the cute lane x

BmB x

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