Seaside Cruisers – Father’s Day Show n’ Shine 2017

Today was a day full of anticipation and preparation and I must admit I was super excited to head up Island to the town of Qualicum.
Today the Seaside Cruisers hosted the famous Father’s Day Show n’ Shine with some really spectacular entrants this is truly a must see show. 

We managed to find parking close to the venue and entered the show on a side street. 

We first walked past the ‘Dirty Devils Rat Rods’ Club. 

They certainly hold a special place in my heart as I am a firm believer in enjoying your ride, such as a daily driver. 

The culture and creativity of Rat Rods intrigues me and I wish I could weld.  

The shows theme was Father’s Day, a great way to celebrate the men in your life by strolling the streets, remembering and recanting memories. 

The turnout was really impressive, which showed the calibre of the show as the layout was smart specially the backdrop of this quaint sea side town.

I also had the good fortune of crossing paths and catching this capture with our Islands own ‘Lucky J’ Pin Up *super cute 

There were many vendors, automotive related and of course food services. 

I was wearing my ‘Hearts and Roses’ Blushing Rose Dress and was quite pleased with the turn out of my outfit. 

One of my top picks was this 53/54 Chevrolet Panel as it reminded me of Betsy. 

This show had many entrants that caught my attention and wooed me with colours and sizes I have not seen in person before. 

This was my first show of the year and I was really happy with the range and selection of cars entered.

Entrants traveled from near and far which made this show stand out and I look forward to returning next year and I hope to see you there too..! 

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