Welcome to Vancouver Island, British Columbia 

Welcome to Vancouver Island 

(Capture of the Nanaimo Inner Harbour) 

Located on the Western Coast of Canada, the Island is a beautiful tourism destination as there is much to see and do here. 

To get to the Island you need to arrive by plane or boat, most common is the BC Ferries. Sailings go between the mainland across the straight to the Island. 

With diverse landscapes from one end of the Island to the other, adventures await you. You can go from kayaking in the ocean to down hill mountain biking with great dining and shopping opportunities in between. 

( Capture of Goose Spit, Comox Valley)

I reside at the central point of the Island. Nanaimo, also referred to as the Harbour City is known for its lovely sweet desert treat the Nanaimo bar. 

( Captured borrowed from the floatingkitchen.net)

I am situated in the best vantage point when travelling or seeing the Island. 

(Capture of sea glass collected from local beaches)

Heading north gives you opportunity to see and explore nature by the long endless walks on the beautiful beaches of the Island. Or ocean exploration by boating adventures such as Fishing Charters enable you to see Marine wildlife in their natural form. 

(Capture of Rathtrevor Beach in Parksville) 

Heading to the West Coast you travel through the old growth forests as you make your way to Tofino, known for surfing and storm watching is adventure is a picturesque capture of Island life. 

(Capture of Chestermans Beach in Tofino) 

Heading south offers shopping possibilities as you end your travel in Victoria our capital city. Rich in experiences that are wrapped in a British flair, experience like High Tea at the Empress and an afternoon at the Royal BC Museum. 

(Capture of the famous murals in Chemainus)

I am lucky to have the freedom to navigate and move freely between both ends of the Island. 

(Capture of The Bastion in Nanaimo)

I am so excited to share with you personal adventures and the beauty the Island has to offer. 

Summer is here, let’s get outside, grab a coffee and live life in the cute lane x

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