My adventure wagon, the wheels that move me and enable destination success is my deeply loved and appreciated 2016 KIA Soul. 

I acquired her last December from Tom Harris KIA in Nanaimo. What a day to remember. 

It took me 5 months of grooming yet I eventually worked my way into a new vehicle. 

With the coaching of the team I did everything that was suggested to me and I would touch base regularly, this kept me encouraged and working to keep my eye on the prize. 
One day in the lot I quickly fell in love with a particular colour scheme that captured my heart and so wanted to be mine. 

As time went by every KIA Soul we would pass I would excitedly proclaim ‘There’s my car..!’ 

So the night I was called into KIA to discuss the vehicle they could place me in was for sure a defining moment. 
As I entered the building and saw the KIA Soul, my Soul.. The one with the special colour scheme and my name on the rear view mirror I was beside myself times a million. 

The kids named her Liquorice and in our time together she has afforded us adventure and freedom that we reciprocate with gratitude and truly living in the moment with her. 

If you are looking for a change of vehicle or a new vehicle I would encourage you to talk to my friends at Tom Harris Kia in Nanaimo and tell them Boss Mare Betty sent you. X

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