Blast from the Past

This week on the Island we have been breaking temperature records with heat..! This weekend the ‘Blast from the Past’ Car Show was surely going to heat things up a bit more. 

Coombs is a destination attraction for many visitors to the Island. You get to Coombs north of Nanaimo just passing Parksville as you start to travel in-land as you are heading to Port Alberni or the West Coast. 

I arrived to the Car Show in a 1950’s Forest Green Studebaker ‘Stella’. I quickly swapped out my shoes as the event was taking place at a fairgrounds. With the wildfires in British Columbia the smoke had finally made its way to the Island creating beautiful lighting and almost a romantic ambient feel. 

Right off the bat the turn out was really good and the attending vehicles were really spot on.  The smell of leather and oil was intoxicating x

There was a nice show case of rides and most of the owners kept close and were very happy to talk about their pride and joy. This was a really friendly event that was obviously built from a community of car lovers. 

I was really captivated by Lawrence Armstrong’s Vendor Booth ‘Street Art Designs’ his craft is unique automotive art created from wood. 

I picked myself up a little V8 symbol which is super cute and his work is super affordable and made with attention to detail. Contact

I found myself really noticing the details that were being showcased on people’s rides, their pride and joy. It made it sun to see what you could find. 

I also enjoyed many of the interiors of the vehicles and how people chose to customize or keep their vehicles stock. 

The smell of the fair food was lovely, good music and this was a feel good event I will be attending next year for sure.

All of the pictures I took at today’s event can be seen on my FB Page x

See you at the next show..!

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