Van Isle Shriner’s Show n’ Shine – Club #16

Today the destination was Parksville and I was really looking forward to this show as I figured it would be big..! 

The location is ideal and Parksville really does a great job of hosting events in their main park by the ocean. 

Today was busy and the Shriners were prepared with Parking attendants directing flow of traffic. Finding a parking spot for Liquorice was easy in the big gravel lot beside the skate park and event..! 

I dropped my boys at the Skate park and was really taken back by the immense size of the show. Actually I was so happy and super excited to talk and explore. 

Today I wanted to capture stories. The beautiful thing I have noticed about car shows is that there is something for everyone. 

They inspire nostalgia, get people talking and smiling. 

Regardless of the make, model or year someone has a connection, a memory or better yet a story. 

Today people were happy and in good spirits. I found car owners were close to their vehicles which was really good in terms with connecting. 

Owners were excited to share and talk, spectators asked questions and everyone was reconnecting or recounting with one another. 

Car clubs were in good attendance and I met up with my girls over with the Dirty Devils Rat Rod Club. I had seen them the day before at the ‘Blast from the Past’ show in Coombs. 

I found the variety and selection of vehicles to be quite special. If there were duplicates of makes and models the colours were different. There was a good representation of the years shown. 

I did not have to walk to far at any point to see something new and fresh. 

I spent two hours walking the entire grounds of the show and spoke to several kind hearted people. 

This is a must plan to see Show as the breeze off the ocean was cool and the back drop is gorgeous. 

All of the captures I took of this show will be posted to my FB Page..!

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