2017 Grease Gears and Grooves ‘Tiki Babes’ Pinup Pageant

West Coast Pinups presented the Tiki Babes Pinup Pageant at the Second Annual Grease Gears and Grooves event held at the Cowichan Fair Grounds outside of Duncan British Columbia August 13, 2017

My entry into the Pageant was a very last minute decision and after a bit of coaxing I decided for personal growth to push myself out of my comfort zone and really make myself visible. As I am known in the Car community as a Pinup blogger I find it is more comfortable to be behind the scenes.

Outside of horses my interest had always been cars and the retro lifestyle, I was dressing in the flair of Rockabilly style before I knew it was a culture. When I came out as Boss Mare Betty over 6 years ago I was living in an isolated area of Northern British Columbia and because of this I had to create cause to write and so I would review products, the outfits I would wear to town and expressed my idea of “Living life in the cute lane’.

After relocating to Vancouver Island I found my approach and ability to reach people would change. I was finally able to express my desires of connecting people socially and communicating with people directly. These actions would quickly push my personal growth which has inspired a rebranding and refresh of my image.

Being offered a part in the Pinup Pageant was yet another opportunity.

I had already had my first dress planned two months prior to the Grease, Gears and Grooves event and would now find myself scrambling to find a secondary outfit in under two days. I found my Hawaiian dress by fluke at Value Village with my accessories and would make my own fabulous hair flowers.

I was quite calm the morning of the event, I was looking forward to seeing and meeting people I wanted to connect with.

Upon arriving at the venue I made my way directly to the West Coast Pinups Booth and there she was in all her glory, the gorgeous Bianca Bombshell. I was really taken back by her authenticity and genuine interest to talk and know about me. This really made a big impression on me as I have watched Bianca’s career sky rocket from all her years of hard work and it was amazing to see her natural confidence and beauty.


Photo by Gary Keay credit thanks to West Coast Pinups and Bianca Bombshell


There would be a couple of hours before the event started. The energy was good, the music was perfect and the other contestants started to arrive in a perfectly timed fashion as I felt I had the chance to communicate with everyone as we were all nervous and unsure of what awaited us.



Rosebud Bardot and myself

What was amazing was that everyone supported each other, shared items they had and helped adjust outfits or lend moral support. This very immediate bond and natural love and desire to see each others sucsess almost felt tangible and the best part was when we were getting ready to be on stage Dixie Delights welcoming speech echoed exactly where each of us were standing..



Gorgeous Dixie Delight and her shoes…!

We were all woman coming with a similar quest to push ourselves and shine, really this is one of the main aspects that I adore about Pinup is that no matter your age, race, size, shape or colour, you can do this too.


So we all took our turns, walking in front of the stage, walking onto the stage and being introduced and asked a question. Prior to the event we were sent the questions and I wrote 25 different versions and wordings of the same thing. Onstage I expressed it was the stories I was honoured to hear yet my heart filled answer was that Pinup was life changing and being offered the freedom to be authentic and genuine in my creative medium and being accepted for me. Priceless x

There would be a Limbo contest and then the Winners were drawn for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. I could not agree more with the choices and I look forward to introducing you to each of these ladies in future posts.


Ride em Ruby in the Limbo Contest, Photo by Gary Keay credit thanks to West Coast Pinups

The day could not have gone better for me and the following day I would have a lot of epiphanies about why pushing yourself is necessary.




Photo by Gary Keay crediy thanks to West Coast Pinups

It was a beautiful day to have a group of like minded woman come together and support each other as we did and this would not have happened with out the months of hard work and preparation by Dixie Delight and of course her right hand lady Lolita DeVille.



All of us xx Photo by Gary Keay credit thanks to West Coast Pinups

Others that played important roles are Gary Keay whom has an amazing eye and took the best captures of all the ladies and the pageant. To the Sponsors that donated gifts to all of the Pageant contestants such as Pin-up Perfection Photography, Rebel Kat Clothing, Shivers Designs, New World Designs, Geronimo Tattoo, Popeye Dan, Mirror Mirror Bijoux, and last yet not least would be the Roadmen Car Club for hosting such a cool event that afforded us this amazing opportunity x


One thought on “2017 Grease Gears and Grooves ‘Tiki Babes’ Pinup Pageant

  1. So happy to hear that you enjoyed the day, your participation meant so much to us. It was lovely meeting you and thank you for writing such a fantastic blog, I hope it gives others the strength and encouragement to enter a pinup pageant or whatever else they might only dream of doing. Make those dreams a reality, be brave, take risks and own your right to shine on stage!

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