GGG 2017 ‘Tiki Babe’ Pinup Pageant – Miss Esther Cole

At the Grease, Gears and Grooves ‘Tiki Babe’ Pinup Pageant Miss. Ether Cole is this years Second place winner holding the title of ‘Dame’. 

Photo by Gary Keay, Thank you West Coast Pinups
I was really excited to catch up with ‘Ether’ so I could share her with you.  

🌴How did you hear about the Pageant?🌴

‘My friend Kenny Baker and his girlfriend signed me up for last years same pageant. Was my first ever.’

Photo by Gary Keay

🍍What was your question and answer at the Pageant?🍍

‘My question from pageant was who would I pick to hang out with for a day in that era? 

I said Betty Page because we are a lot alike. I designed my own outfits. And jewelry and such. Like to shop at thrift stores. Together we could design our own stuff in the life of Betty page’

🌴What was the best part of the Pageant for you?🌴

‘Best part was me being dressed up in outfits that I created and felt so beautiful even more so then my wedding day.’

Photo by Gary Keay, Thank you West Coast Pinups
🍍How long have you been involved in the Pinup/Rockabilly community?🍍

‘I’ve just started being involved with the Pinup but it has been a part of me since I was young. I’ve had my bangs like this since I was 4 or 5 and learned to sew with my Gramma and loved Marilyn when I was young but soon learned she was a dits so I didn’t want to lookup to her and then I learned about Bunny Yaeger and Betty Page and I knew I was hooked.’

‘And thank you to my hair and makeup Alison Alexander’

We are so happy you made Third Place Miss. Ether Cole you are a real sweet heart. 

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