Straight Razor Apparel 

Rockabilly culture, said to be inspired by earlier rock and roll and to have a flair of hillbilly.

We live and breath the smell of gas, rubber and the sound of the engine’s roar.. 

Our style sets us apart.. Kittens are cute in our sexy figure positive shaped dresses while our Greasers can be seen in T-shirts and jeans. 

It’s important to have a place we can find what we need geared to our desired looks for both men and women.

Welcome to Straight Razor Apparel. 

I met Owner/Operator Rose at the recent GGG17 where she was a vendor. I would then make a point going to Duncan to check out her shop as I had up coming events and I wanted to shop for a new dress. 

Rose and her partner recognized a need in the community for a clothing shop that catered to both the needs of guys and gals. With in the Brick and Mortar of her Tattoo shop she has a space set up for clothing. 

Really the space is brilliantly put together and Rose is super hospitable and I enjoyed her so much I was at Straight Razor Apparel for 2 hours. 

As a woman I appreciate being able to try things on before buying them. The internet has its purposes for shopping yet at the end of the day nothing beats a good old change room with a hook full of dresses. 

I would strongly encourage taking a friend and making an afternoon of going to the shop and trying on dresses and crinolines as it’s so fun and you feel so good looking so great. 

I easily found multiple dresses that I desired and their price points were super reasonable and afforded me the ability to get more than one item. 

I highly recommend seeing Rose and I even encouraged my friends The Dirty Devils Rodettes and the Dirty Devils Rat Rod Car Club to swing by and show a bit of community love..! 

Shop local and we will all thrive 🍒🌺

A sneak peek at my dress I purchased 🌺

Straight Razor Apparel and Rockabilly RoseTattoo  Shop 

5203 Koksilah Frontage Road, Duncan BC

(250) 709.2784

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