Timberland Pub Show n’ Shine 

It was an early rise as I headed to the President of the Dirty Devils Rat Rods house as I was going to ride in with the the club for this show. 

I was smitten with the idea of wearing the Presidents Club jacket to keep me warm as I would be riding shot gun in Ruby Rogers 49 International. 

The club met up and rolled out to location in convoy style which is always fun..! 

Photo by Dan Dertien

The Timberland Pub Show n’ Shine was a perfect set up close to the Cassidy Airport in Nanaimo. 

Photo by Dan Dertien

The show took place in the parking lot of the pub which made for an intimate and cozy event. 

It was good to see the selection of cars that came out this day and I felt the sense of community as I found a lot of people were talking to each other which was lovely. 

We had a yummy breakfast sandwich from the Creeks Corner Store. 

Photo by Dan Dertien

I always enjoy seeing what vehicles are available for purchase. There was a lovely 47 Ford that had a back seat that went for days

Photo by Dan Dertien

Then there was Ron Billets gorgeous Lincoln Cosmopolitan that truly made me swoon. 

Photo by Dan Dertien

She was super complete with suicide doors and really so very lovely. Even her name x

The Pub offered a very yummy BBQ lunch. 

It was even a big day for the Dirty Devils Rat Rod Car Club as they welcomed a new member, Robert Moore.  

All around it was a good day to get out. 

We hope to see you there next year and for further information on the vehicles posted for sale please email bossmarebetty@hotmail.ca for contact information. 

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