Wheel-O-Rama hosted their first Show n’ Shine August 20th, 2017 at the VIEX. 
I had unexpectedly given myself sunstroke the day before at the Ladysmith show and it was my Birthday. 

It was a slow morning Yet being treated to breakfast in bed by my boys perked me up and we headed down to the VIEX to join up with the Dirty Devils Rat Rod Club. 

As this was an open show in terms to any makes/models of vehicle, I entered Liquorice as a super cute sentiment for the day. 

It was a really nice family friendly day. The Dirty Devils created an interactive opportunity between the cars and the people that attended the show.  

There were lots of smiles to be seen. Kids are always treated super well which is a good way to engage the next generation to want to explore automotive interests. 

I look forward to what Wheel-O-Rama produces in the future as they use the medium of videography to capture the story between the owner and their vehicle which is what I truly love most about talking to people. 

Thank you for an amazing day..!

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