The Second Annual Cassidy Country Kitchen Show n’ Shine 2017

With a great deal of anticipation and excitement for the Second Annual Cassidy Kitchen Show n’ Shine it was also bitter sweet as this show has become the marker for the last show of the Car Show season. 

Capture by Dan Dertien of Vancouver Island Hot Rods

Hosted by The Roadmen and held at the Country Kitchen in Cassidy off the Island Hwy the location is ideal and the weather held out and made for a gorgeous day. 

The host ROADMEN Car Club

There was a real excitement in the air for this show. The amount of vendors that turned out was great and it was nice to meet new faces for sure. 

I had breakfast in the Country Kitchen and it was delicious. Service was quick considering I was being served with the entire Dirty Devils Rat Rod Club. Order was big, server was organized and food delicious. 

Pinstriped by Matt Michaluk of Air Ink

There was live music which lends to a great quality experience. The Roadmen certainly know how to do it up. David James and Big River. 

It was really such a rich full day, with so many car enthusiasts enjoying each other’s rides as well as the ambience of the day.  

To see the best captures of the show remember to check out Dan Dertien’s site Vancouver Island Hot Rods

Dan Dertien of Vancouver Island Hot Rod

This show has continued to garner a lot of positive attention and compliments. It always gets me excited for the future and growth. 

Our  Photographer friend Chris Thibert of Pacific Rides was on site taking captures of the Pinups which was amazing fun. 

Capture by Chris Thibert of Pacific Rides

I even had a chance to reconnect with old and new friends. 

Always fun is a good smoke show 

What a fun full day and so many beautiful people ♥️

Capture by Chris Thibert of Pacific Rides

Better see ya’ll next year 🍒💋

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