First Annual Van Isle Tattoo Expo 2017

It’s always a good day for a tattoo and to catch a Convention is even better. I headed down to Victoria to attend the first Van Isle Tattoo Expo. 

Held over three days at the Victoria Conference Centre I made the Expo for Saturday which gave me the full day to come and go as I chose. 

I would be meeting up with the group, members of the Dirty Devils Rat Rod Club and of course my fellow Dirty Devils Rodettes and I had a good time at the Step and Repeat upon entering the Expo. 

We decided to go for lunch at Bartholomew’s English Pub for wicked Caesars and of course Fish n Chips 

Heading back into the convention I was pretty excited for all the familiar faces I was seeing. 

I was super stoked to cross paths with Hail Boudreault, she is a mental health/bpd blogger from Nanaimo. She had entered in the INKED girls contest. 

As I navigated all the booths I would come across the very familiar face of Elaine Tuttle Tattooist from Northern BC who did my chest piece. 

The calibre of art being show cased was incredible to see and the space in which the booths were set up was utilized well. 

Foot traffic was heavy and a good flow as the live music created ambience for the event. The Island has been hungry for an event such as this and good times were had. 

There was a good show of vendors and products for sale as well as art pieces and stickers. 

Mid show we popped out to make a quick visit to David at Hussy Boutique in Fantan Alley. 

We would return to Steve the President of the Dirty Devils Rat Rod Club being tattooed. 

It was a great day and I am very eager to see the growth for future shows. 


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