Street Art Designs

This years show season was amazing as I met many new faces. Where I enjoyed spending my time was with the Vendors on the circuit. 

I would honestly say Lawrence and his wood working designs really stood out and captivated me. 

It is obvious when you see Lawrence’s art there is a true understanding and passion for the craft he provides. I would learn he spend many years doing lettering and signs. It is really a beautiful progression.

Lawrence hand cuts wood signs using the original fonts that matched car emblems representing the years these would have been seen. 

Such a great gift or really an addition to a collection or shop. After having one of Lawrence’s V8 symbol’s in my dressing area the natural progression was talking about custom pieces. 

The journey to Pinup is a celebration and recognition of yourself. As you grow and expand you find you want to express yourself through your personal living space as a nod or visual reminder. 

After speaking with Lawrence I knew he understood what I was seeking as I wanted to recognize what my friends had achieved in themselves this summer. 

It was important for me to help them celebrate their stories. To see their Pinup names solidified and showcased. 

All three of us could not be happier with what Lawrence produced and I would certainly recommend him and his art for any special occasion. 

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