So you want to be a Pinup – Beginners 101

This summer it became very clear to me during the car show circuit the desire and need for an Island based Pinup community was practically tangible. 

The amount of positive feed back and genuine interest to have a way to build and grow a woman’s network and create a Rockabilly community inspired me to step up and make this happen. 

I came up with the idea and ran it past my girls Ruby Rogers and Veronica Vixen of the Dirty Devils Rodettes. I wanted to hold a beginners class to see if woman would really sign up and participate. Approaching Rose of Straight Razor Apparel if she would be willing to facilitate the program it was clear we were onto something. Ruby contacted her friend Chris of Pacific Rides Photography and then I posted the event live on Social media. 

I was impressed and over joyed by the response. In under 2 weeks the class would sell out its seats and the reality was this was happening. I love when things are meant to be and everything fell into place. 

October 14th, 2017 will be marked as our first foundation class, Beginners 101 housed under the heading ‘So you want to be a Pinup’ the first of a series being developed. 

Ruby and I headed down to Duncan in her little red International. We were so excited what this day was going to unfold. 

We made it to Straight Razor Apparel just as Rose showed up and us ladies kicked it into action. Rose had prepared her space for our participants and I am so grateful for her efforts as her space could not have been more perfect. 

Ladies started to show up and class was about to begin. Gift bags were handed out and goodies were appreciated. We continued along and had a really good theory class. I was excited for everyone’s attention and keenness to participate. 

Once class was finished we enjoyed refreshments provided by Rose, ladies did some shopping for dresses and accessories. 

Chris of Pacific Rides Photography arrived and then the magic began. After a quick introduction Chris naturally picked up and shared with the ladies how he would walk them through their sessions.

The Photography sessions started inside of the shop and then continued outside. Each participant would be receiving a custom session of captures and the two different spaces were a really nice compliment to building a portfolio. 

Chris has a beautiful and natural way to engage his clients and all the woman felt at ease and really offered their beautiful and most authentic smiles because of his skill and professionalism. 

Each woman was highlighted and captured in a way that you could hear the gasp when given the opportunity to view Chris’s camera screen. It was a gift for me to watch these woman relax and own themselves as the main discussion point of the theory class was authenticity. 

I look forward to hosting the next of the series of classes. As we continue to help build portfolios and Pinups for the new Vancouver Island Pinup group 

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