The NEW look..

It has always been about timing. Like a play I scripted in another life time the sequence of my life events had to fall into order through creative timing.

I should have trusted that the low waves of despair and high thrills of elation were key moments to the grander picture.

During that time I felt the picture I was creating was disconnected from these technological driven times we are in.

The constant pursuit to create new content, to keep interest and progress for our audience became daunting and lacked authenticity.

For the past two years I have been trying to sort direction for Boss Mare Betty in terms of content, branding and purpose.

My new life on the Island afforded me so many amazing opportunities because I have been able to have a more public presence.

Yet as I moved forward in my new life I was shedding and moving past the defining characteristics of my old self.

The biggest thing for me was that my beautiful logo made by Becca Whitaker no longer suited Boss Mare Betty. I no longer had Betsy my Chevy wagon nor did I have Spirit in my life. It was an image I no longer identified with.

So change was due yet my constant evolution and trying to find the right artist to capture the essence I was looking for was not happening as I had hoped.

Timing as I now understand is the key to my life and I would come across Ruttu_Ruttu on Instagram and I knew immediately this was the artist I would seek out for my new look.

Alejandra Oviedo is an Artist with a delicious and sexy flair to her work. I wanted a new and exciting direction with my image.

As I have new goals and focus it was important for me to incorporate these different facets in my new look.

I finally am at a place where l could strip away the layers of my previous logo and bare my skin and own myself.

My new look inspires my other creative endeavours such as -13- by Boss Mare Betty and EPIC Lashes by BmB and Vancouver Island Pinups.

Being authentic, my intention and integrity to truth are important values I bring to my work, art and my Persona.

I am reaching out, seeking genuine connection and wanting to relate and bring people together.

I am so driven for the new story that awaits me and excited to bring you along for my adventures.


Boss Mare Betty

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