Deanne Southee Photography

Being apart of the Pin-up community has taught me a lot about self care, self representation and pushing ones self out of their comfort zone.

I have been braver, more social and learned to smile more because of Pin-up. I have also seen myself in a different light thanks to being photographed and the magic that takes place when you identify and see yourself in a different light.

There is a deep truth that I believe all woman should experience a Professional Photo Shoot at some point in their lives, wether to celebrate an occasion or just to push themselves out of their comfort zone there is so much value in a photographic session.

A lot has to be said for the eye behind the camera, a photographer should not be chosen lightly as you are trusting their eye to see and capture the beauty in the moment.

A great candidate is someone that understands their craft such as the importance of lighting, the setting and posing are key to telling a story.

Really above all you need a Photographer that helps you feel at ease. Someone you can trust and build rapport with. Someone who genuinely wants to be there and is excited to capture the moment.

I was lucky to have met Deanne through my work place at the time and when she asked if I would be interested in collaborating with her I was so excited..!

I am super comfortable with Deanne as we have a good connection, also

we know each other from working in the Pet Care Industry and as I have seen her work with animals Deanne has a beautiful energy, she is confident, reassuring, patient and kind.

I watched Deanne as our session took place and she was such a pleasure to work with as her enthusiasm and obvious desire to get the best captures was inspiring and enabled me to give my best. Which means relaxing and being myself.

Since our session Deanne has posted amazing images ranging from portraits, children to pets all in beautiful scenic environments that make for beautiful keepsakes no matter the occasion.

I am super grateful I had this opportunity to work with Deanne and I hope you will do so too. Deanne is located in Nanaimo, British Columbia. She has both an Instagram and FB platform and can be reached directly through either of them.

MUAH by myself

Dress by Hearts and Roses

Liquorice KIA SOUL Pin Striped by Air Ink

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