The Next Chapter; Live, love life and community

Perspective is the joining of experiences that creates a mental picture.

Perception is our internal guide.

Under standing these better within myself became a valuable lesson in reality for me.

I had moved back to Vancouver Island about three years ago and what I did not know at the time was the fast and hard growth journey I was to be engulfed in. I would learn quick realities about my independence, self worth, self driven happiness.

For all the nights I sat in my bed confused and alone I am deeply grateful for what I would figure out and learn

Perception and perspective were big keys in my growth and relating to others. I figured out I was not giving myself enough credit and keen to hand over the best of myself to people that did not deserve it.

I made valuable friendships with dynamic people that either met me in the same space, were growing as well or came for a short visit to inspire or lend motivation to my future self.

I also learned I was allowed to be happy because I understood now about choice and accountability, something that I over thought for a longtime and did not understand I could choose too.

Community was something I had never experienced before and found a new understanding and appreciation for the daily or weekly connections I made with amazing people that were connected to my close environment and it was comforting to be recognized with a smile and a hello.

Yet my time came to a close as it was meant to as my growth allowed me to learn the lessons I needed to understand so I could move on and start again in confidence knowing I had done it once before on my own.

Back to Northern BC I have returned, I am so excited to bring a new fresh take and share about Fort Saint John and its surrounding areas.

I look forward to providing new and exciting content as I create, explore and share life, love and community.

I look forward to meeting you all

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