Nail Flaunt

As a woman that enjoys having her hair fresh and her nails did when you move and need to find a new technician this can be a daunting task.

On the Island I was fortunate to have my regular appointments with Nails by Phan for almost three years.

So I was not sure how I was going to find my next lady. One day while cruising FB groups I would come across Nail Flaunts name after another member searched nail techs.

I checked out her FB account and was able to book a service with the online appointment keeper.

Seriously super excited I had a nail colour scheme in mind when heading for my apt. I had to drive south to Taylor which was not bad at all.

Be mindful to use the instructions given at the time of booking and don’t Google your directions as they don’t match.

It was a pleasure to meet Tina, her salon is in home and the space is clean, aesthetically pleasing and very organized.

I was impressed by her selections of colours, her ability to make images and patterns as well as Rhinestone application

I am due for my third apt and I am so excited as I am super inspired when searching online to find nail designs as I am super confident Tina can do it.

Nail Flaunt truly lives up to its name and offers the best applied and styled nails I have worn in my many years wearing artificial nails

When you experience good quality and service you want others to know about it too. You can find Nail Flaunt on Instagram and FB

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