The Chopped Leaf

Salad options are life and trying to eat or procure salad in the outside lands can often be predictable, boring and expensive.

Specially when you are hungry and or tired and you really want a food option that is green and fresh.

So you know I was super excited to come across the Chopped Leaf Restaurant located in the plaza across from the Pomeroy sports complex.

Fast fresh food in an environment that is peaceful and refreshing in itself. I will admit upon walking in I was not sure how exactly the layout worked yet I made my way to the back where I placed my order for a side chopped signature salad and paid for the meal.

I then took my seat with a number in hand which gave me the chance to look around better. There is a pick up window for online ordering which is amazing if you are on a time constraint or..

My salad was brought to me with requested chicken and a pita chip. I was quite happy with the flavour profile and the presentation of the salad. I don’t normally eat side carbs yet I was curious of the pita and it was delicious.

For next time I will look at the menu ahead of time as you wait in line to place your order and for never being in the restaurant before I did feel rushed.

I look forward to my next salad and am happy there are soups and greens in my outside consuming future.

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