The Northern Vac Track

The walking track is one of my favourite places in Fort Saint John. Maybe it’s because the environment is consistent in all seasons and maybe because it’s assessable and easy to find me there.

As a Type One Diabetic there is security and piece of mind that if I were to collapse during my 8km walk someone would find me unlike being outdoors or on a trail.

I have found walking to be quite therapeutic and also challenging as I set myself time and distance goals. This has proven huge insights about myself and is quite rewarding.

The best part is the track is free to use and anyone has the opportunity to come and move their body as they wish here.

The Vac track is found on the upper most level of the Pomeroy Sports complex.

It has three designated lanes of rubbered floor track for walking (outside lane) jogging (middle lane) running (inside lane)

There are posted rules of use to ensure proper track etiquette, during my time using the track there are other regulars that enjoy the track and we want to take care of the space and keep it inclusive.

There are lockers, benches to prepare and clocks to keep your place if you wish to track your laps.

It’s a unique and special place we have in town and it’s great to see so many different types of people coming together to use the space for various different reasons.

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