Borealis Clothing Co.

It was with great surprise I was happily greeted by both the Owner and Manager of the beautiful Borealis Clothing Company located in the Gateway Plaza.

Owner Heidi Schmidt and Manager Mckenzie Maclean welcomed me with bright smiles into their very inviting shop.

Borealis is a gorgeous light and airy space catering to woman’s fashion. The aesthetic of the shop is styled with a very modern yet urban chic feel would be the best way I could describe the shop. Beautiful barn board wall features, chandelier and large frames mirrors are gorgeous and complimentary to the fashions they carry.

I will admit a dress caught my attention quite quickly upon entering the shop and I was super quick to try it on. It was surprising to me to come across a Cherry Velvet dress yet it made my day.

It was refreshing talking to the ladies and how they will open the shop at night to do private shopping nights which I think is amazing for a ladies night. Private shopping..!

I am excited to go back and take another look through the beautiful styles Borealis carries. You can also follow their Instagram where they post their beautiful clothing.

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