The Caffeination Station

Maybe you can relate to me, as I am a coffee is life type of person. It’s the one thing that I truly enjoy for myself is a good cup of coffee.

My appreciation of a good cup of coffee developed in my early twenties while working at a small Espresso stand

called Urban Espresso. This was before the fast food standard ‘Double Double’ craze of Tim Hortons and Mc Donald’s coffee ever became a thing.

This was beautiful hand created hot and cold drinks made for you and made with love. A bit of friendly banter and served with a smile.

So coming back to the North Peace I noticed a new addition to the landscape. Two very cute strategically placed Drive-Thru coffee houses and I thought they were brilliant..!

The highly visible Caffeination Stations offer hot and cold beverages as well as tasty treats to pair with your beverage.

With a multitude of syrup choices and the obvious imagination the main creator and mixologist of the ‘Station’ is brilliant..!

The array of choices seem to be endless and are constantly showcased in a very vibrant and entertaining Instagram account.

I myself went this time for the sole intention of an Italian Soda. I hit the Charlie Lake location with Liquorice and I was excited to get a Raspberry Soda with whip cream of course.

It was made with Soda water to keep the sweet factor down. As I live with Type One Diabetes I am conscious of my sugar intake. With that being said I know the Caffeination Station does offer sugar free Syrup.

Once my drink was made I quickly took my first sip through the straw and honestly I was taken back at how delicious the Soda was. A perfect blend of refreshment and flavour. Not to sweet or over powering absolutely just right.

It also took me back to a time of amazing customer service and appreciation. It was nice to have an authentic exchange and not feel rushed or driven away. There was friendly banter and smiles which was welcoming and a really nice change.

In the summer I stick to cold beverages yet fall will soon be upon us and if you are ever in Charlie Lake or Taylor you must stop in at the Orange and Green Caffeination Station..! Be sure to follow their social media platforms Instagram and FB

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