Sticky’s Candy Shop

As a person with a sweet tooth, a lover of retro decor and anything super cute I was a little beside myself when I entered Sticky’s Candy Shop.

Located in the Gateway Plaza this was a new shopping plaza to me since moving back. There is available parking out front the shop.

I knew of Sticky’s from social media platforms as they are very community minded as well as being provided candy bags for the Oilmen’s Family Camping Weekend. So I was eager to get in and check out what they have.

As I walked through the door I was immediately captivated and excited as a small child. Every where I laid my eyes I would see something else that peaked my interest or that I wanted.

This shop is stocked with complimentary yet surprisingly different items. This is not just candy, there are retro tin signs, toys and trinkets. If anything the smile that was on my face was well worth the visit.

The staff are lovely and accommodating as well as the many ways you can incorporate Sticky’s into an event such as Birthdays or Weddings.

Between the bulk candy and the huge Jelly Belly wall there is a sweet treat for anyone here. No more corner store five cent candies, it’s time to up your game to gourmet and options.

You can keep to speed with Sticky’s on their Instagram and FB.

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