Hot Chocolate

The day I googled Leopard print Mary Janes I would be forever changed. I have now been admiring Hot Chocolate shoes from afar for a couple of years now.

(Above image borrowed from FB)

Super cute stylized Mary Jane flats. Each styled pairs of shoes tell a story and each shoe is individually unique to the other.

(Above image borrowed from FB)

I originally came across the Leopard print which are the same pattern yet with research I would see the majority of the designs are not which made me totally fall in love with their unique designs.

Available in several markets worldwide I signed up to receive Canadian emails. Not all Hot Chocolate products are available in Canada at this time sadly as they have some super cute tote bags.

When you follow Hot Chocolate you are kept in the know when they ‘flip the cup’ which means select shoes go on sale. This is when I picked up my first pair, the Simonettes.

Shipping was super quick and how the shoes arrived to me was almost as exciting as the shoes themselves. Upon opening the shipping bag I was greeted by the cutest milk type carton and inside the carton I would find the shoes. Attention to detail always excites me.

I was excited to wear my Chocolaticas for the first time. Super cute and super comfortable, I always enjoy wearing pieces that make a statement and totally support my Rockabilly look.

I am grateful I took the opportunity with the upside down cup..!

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