Mara G. Szyp Art

I think when we go through a series of unexpected events that strip you raw to your core, when these experiences seem relentless and take you to a deep dark place.

The depths of pain and sorrow you feel are like the ocean itself. Emotions present themselves like hard crashing waves, you feel as if to be like a raft being jolted and pushed with no sight of land on the horizon.

Then to find your grace, these emotional shifts become catalysts to create in order assist one to move through and express their intense experience.

Like birth it’s a process and you need to work through the pain and for creative types this is when beautiful works of art are born and the story tellers tell the tales worth listening to.

No one person’s situation is greater or worse than the other. They all go through the most inconceivable pain we can even imagine to come out the other side.

Now humble beings full of love and compassion using their own personal story to recreate and lend hands to others coming to the other side. You can recognize those who have endured and have made the transition.

Our greatest asset to humanity are our creative souls. The ones that can tell stories through writing or painting. The ones that have awoken so to speak, that have let go of what was and see life truly as it is.

As humans we are keenly aware when we hear the truth, yet some of us are removed from our connection to ourselves. So when we see someone that has gone through tragedy and the unimaginable we are inspired by their bravery and conviction.

This helps us all heal through a greater and deeper connection.

I feel we are all so different in the ways we work through trauma and yet people regardless of their medium that do make it out are nothing short of earth angels.

One of these amazing and captivating souls is Mara, through betrayal, health and uncertainty she uses her painting to overcome and inspire others through her art.

A brilliant Artist located in Victoria, British Columbia. You can follow the progress of her work on FB as well as local magazines and galleries.

It was the greatest of privileges to write this piece Mara, Thank you for allowing me to share your gifts

~Golden Storm~

Absorbed inside my own thoughts

I walked alone for hours.

Behind me were sunny afternoons,

Behind you snowy winter mornings.

I got lost in your immensity.

Honey gleam covering you

Soft under my feet

They’re sinking in you

The silence makes space to

a lower deep roar, my body trembles

numbing my senses.

The sky above suddenly is at war

Mystified by its magnificence

The flickering of thunder mixed

With subdued rhythmic steps

I stand still along your edges

It dances within you and moving her

Above the clash of light and darkness awakens

But it’s with a golden sword

That defies you

Conquering it all, ending the calm

Under your waters raging

A performance unmatched

Nature itself is at awe

When the golden storm

Takes the stage

Dancing within your shores,

Seducing the sand and rocks

The moon and the sun, spectators

Sunset of rain turns gold

And everything else,

Falls short by comparison.

Mara G. Szyp

August 21,2018


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