Cyndie Courneyea

During my time living on Vancouver Island, British Columbia I worked as a Pet Expert at Bosley’s by Pet Valu in the University Mall complex in south Nanaimo.

For all my years on the farm with the horses and animals in Rose Prairie, Bosley’s was the best suited place for me to work as I had the experience with animals and having to trouble shoot and simply learn as one will develop when you live in places like Northern BC and self reliance is so important.

This experience afforded me the opportunity to make meaningful connections with important people in the community especially those that also shared the deep love, respect and understanding of animals natural way.

This is where I met Cyndie Courneyea a certified dog trainer with Gone to the Dogs.

Cyndie would often frequent the shop with her clients or with Lucy in tow, her 15 year old adopted Dachshund. I really love her straight forward and direct approach as she is genuinely one of few ‘trainers’ I met in my time that actually knew what she was talking about specially in terms of behaviour and consequences she is firm and direct yet truthful and knowledgeable.

Working and success with animals comes from your knowledge base of how that animal thinks and behaves, Cyndie is absolutely a voice and advocate for animals.

She further proves her love, connection and devotion to animals by way of Pet Searchers, where Cyndie spends countless hours of her own time and money trying to help and find lost pets in the greater Nanaimo area and she does so with great success.

I noticed Cyndie is currently trying to raise funds for the SPCA which is near and dear to her heart and really she deserves to see her goal met as I know I never met anyone as consistent and dedicated to animal well being as she is.

We need to support and validate those in our communities that put in the extra effort and when you see that in someone please do what you can in your capacity to support them. Wether it be financial, resource or networking, we all absolutely have something to give.

Please click the below link if you wish to

Contribute to Cyndie’s fundraising efforts

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