Retro Stage

Now living back in the Peace Region there are no local dress shops geared to my style. The closest brick and mortar is in Edmonton and I can’t always get there.

Thanks to the algorithms of FB and Instagram constantly pushing advertising for Retro-Stage I decided it was time to try them.

Retro-stage is an on-line retailer selling 1920’s and 1950’s dress replicas. The fabric and style choices are almost overwhelming and the price point made it hard not to try. Yet I was also not convinced this would be a successful venture as the price point also made me weary of fit and quality.

What I have learned in my years styled as a Pin- up is that dresses made from quality fabrics which allow the dress to lay nicely and hold their form wether being supported by a crinoline or petticoat are often investments.

I double checked the sizing chart before I even started looking as I didn’t want to be disappointed and then I had a really hard time selecting dresses between an even lower sale price point and the ample selection as each style of dress has multiple colour patterns.

I did manage to pick four dresses that would cost less then a labelled dress I recently purchased at half price.

The day came I would receive the dresses, after an amazing happy dance at the post box I skipped home with my two mail bags.

Today I am focusing on three out of the four dresses I purchased from Retro-Stage. The one dress I am not going to share too much about is the dress I was most pleased with. In fact that dress saved the order because it was unlike the rest in its quality of fabric and fit. I said to myself as I tried it on first, if none of the other dresses work it was worth it for this dress alone.

With that I knew my initial gut instinct would be correct. Although the patterns I chose were absolutely striking and beautiful the polyester fabric lacked quality and there for some details would reveal themselves as issues.

In order to get these dresses to show their shape I had to wear a crinoline, I did not feel the A-line skirt was as full as a circle skirt can be and noticed that once my pictures were taken.

I also found that the bodice was smaller in size and tighter than the sizing would indicate. This fabric was very light and had no give to accommodate any sort of extra room which all of my other dresses have.

Doing up the back zippers I felt would blow out the seam and I found I wrinkled very easily in all three of these dresses.

Yet as that sounds all very doom and gloom the reality is I was able to afford several selections for what was the price of one and as long as you are aware and realistic of your needs and purpose for these dresses I would take the risk and order again.

I just would make sure I had a backup plan if it were for a special occasion and understand you will need to wear your shape wear and have a crinoline to help the frame of the dress.

As I said before there was one dress I was very happy with yet I am unable to reveal it at this time. It makes me think when looking at the dresses try to be aware of the fabric type although it is very hard to tell from just looking and try to select a fabric that has give.

Yet for a one off dress for a theme party or building your own style and collection it’s a good starting point for sure.

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