A Tribute to Stompin’ Tom Connors

It’s funny when things fall into place as they are meant to, again timing proved to be everything

The night previous we gathered In the living room to do a very Canadian thing. We turned on the CBC to watch a funny yet very educational 30 minute program hosted by Jonny Harris who goes about Canada showing his viewers small towns that against all odds are Still Standing.

It was here I briefly heard the name Taw Connors and his Tribute show to his late father Canadian Country Star Stompin’ Tom Connors. True Canadiana, a country legend that sang songs about the people of Canada.

The next day scrolling through FB my luck would be that Taw Connors would be doi g his Tribute show that night in our local North Peace Cultural Centre. We were able to get last minute tickets and away we went.

Now I am not familiar with Stompin’ Tom although his name was familiar to me. The lobby of the Cultural centre was alive and buzzing with anticipation as the fans and the people that did know and love his work gathered. There was a display set up I’m the foyer with different articles of Stompin’ Tom and opportunity to purchase merchandise.

We entered the theatre and it is a warm and inviting venue. The stage was set simply and it was beautiful in its character. A gentleman from the North Peace Cultural Centre would come on stage and share tonight’s performance was the first in a six part series. That made me even happier that we were attending.

This was a solo performance of Taw Connors recounting his fathers stories and singing his fathers songs. As Stompin’ Tom was a man of freedom and enjoyed his time travelling Canada regularly from one coast to the other there was much said in his songs about regions, culture and life.

It was a neat show considering I really did not know what we were going to see, yet the love and pride in the lyrics about Canada warmed my heart as I too found myself Stomping along to the tunes

Thank you for coming to our neck of the woods

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