FSJ Diabetic Friendly – Cool Beans Cafe

Sometimes all it takes is to open a line of communication and you will be surprised with what might come.

Living with Type One Diabetes can be a double edged sword, I feel I have learned great things living with this disease and yet the complexity in which simple processes of life can be challenging. My perspective on life can be different because of it.

Food is life sustaining yet food and eating can be a source of great issues for a good portion of people. Wether it is food sensitivities, allergies, specific diet. Making sure you are able to consume the right food is important yet taste and content can sometimes be a luxury.

For myself I must be very accountable to what I eat. Recently I have noticed a new trend in the Keto diet which allows me to eat more things than I once chose to.

Living with Type One Diabetes means my pancreas no longer creates insulin and there for I must manage this function externally to make sure I stay healthy.

This means I monitor my blood sugar levels with a tool called a glucometer. I need to make sure my numbers stay with in a range of 4.5 – 6.

All food contains a measure of carbohydrate. This is the sugar content of an item once it is in your body. Before eating this item I am required to know how many carbohydrates are in a serving size so I can adjust and dose myself insulin.

A non diabetics body would naturally release the right amount of Insulin to grab the sugars. I Unfortunately have to do this manually as a mathematical equation. Food intake (carbs) insulin dose to cover the food and a possible insulin correction if my blood sugar reads high.

Diabetics all have their own systems and formulas although we stick to standard protocols.

I know I often eat a very limited diet as I don’t want to fluctuate my sugars and I try to consume items with the least amount of carbohydrates per serving as possible.

Yet I’m human and our sense of smell which supports our ability to taste can be very powerful in terms of desire. Cravings can be induced simply by seeing something tasty that you don’t really consume as you know the repercussion of a high carbohydrate intake really has to be worth it.

I think it’s why Diabetics are known to have sweet tooth’s. I know I personally love cake.

So the morning I happened to scroll past the image of fresh baked muffins in my FB newsfeed that picture mentally did me in.

In that moment I did something a little different and I messaged the business that made those muffins.

I came across Cool Beans Cafe as they do a Keto Thursday. I have been interested in commercial grade products that sell Keto friendly as they list the Nutritional Facts which is an overwhelming helpful tool in knowing and making choices about what I am putting in my mouth.

I have discovered that Keto in moderation (for myself) can offer the opportunity to have things I would not otherwise be able to have. As the products are made with more fat then sugar I find the fibre content is high and the carbohydrates low.

In that moment I opened messenger to write to Cool Beans I thought if only I knew the carbohydrates per serving I would buy and eat all of those muffins.

I rarely eat muffins as they are extremely high in carbs and would rather eat cake if I were going to blow up my sugars and I rarely eat baked goods because if they lack the nutritional facts I simply won’t touch it.

My message would inquire if adding or creating a baked good that also has nutritional facts was indeed something that was possible to do and the answer I received overwhelmed me with gratitude.

See during my time back here in FSJ I have had situations when eating out that were not favourable. Asking simple exchanges to be made to a meal so I don’t spike my sugars has been received in poor treatment by servers.

André, owner of Cool Beans Cafe received me with such warmth and desire to understand my needs for a baked good. We had several amazing conversations that ended in a request to come try a brownie he had created.

I can tell you I won’t soon forget this day as it was the first time I can remember eating a sweet as if it was something like lettuce. I ate that brownie like it had no carbs because André managed to create a treat that has less than 5 carbohydrates which is almost unheard of for me. I cried eating that brownie. This literally was life changing for me.

Since then I have purchased 2 different types of muffins that started this whole journey and I encourage anyone that knows a Diabetic to spread the word. It is important that we support places that are willing to create for us. Specially if you know someone with a child living with Diabetes. This is a huge consideration from a local business that truly cares about their customer base.

Cool Beans Cafe is located in the Fort St John Hospital and it smells absolutely delicious every time I go.

I look forward to what else André comes up with.

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